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2016 Dell Data Security Survey

2016 Dell Data Security Survey

Business and IT decision makers are finally carrying the banner of data security, recognizing not only the safety it brings, but also the opportunity. Off the backburner and into the boardroom, data security is finally taking its rightful  place in the corporate environment. But there is still work to be done. Even as companies recognize the benefits of data security, they are struggling to  develop  programs  that  effectively  incorporate it without detracting from other business initiatives. They may have tools in place to address data security needs, yet companies are still reporting gaps in their comfort level with implementing or expanding programs that rely on these technologies. In November 2015, Dell commissioned a survey to obtain  a comprehensive look at how decision makers in the mid-market – as well as the C-Suite – view data security trends and the impact  these are having on their businesses. The results included responses from  more  than  1,300 business and IT decision makers across seven countries.

Download: http://futurereadyworkforce.dell.com/dell-data-security-survey/
Editor: Dell
Released in: 2016


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