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Orientation and guidelines for IT professionals towards the best Data Center solution

Over the past few decades, companies have been facing many changes in the way of doing business. One profound change is of course the reliance on Information Technologies. Today almost every company uses applications in order to store information, to interact with customers or suppliers or simply to be more efficient. The servers and storage systems supporting these applications are stored in Data Centers.
Due to capacity limits in an ever growing IT market, many companies are currently faced with having to make decisions about their Data Center requirements; the critical question being, would it be better to build or extend their own Data Center or to buy the service from an outside provider? This decision has to be taken in the context of a fast-changing industry.
Exponential data growth is a reality for most Data Centers and server virtualization tends to be the default platform for the majority of Data Centers.
With colocation, hosting, and cloud computing, IT services have become increasingly commoditized. At the same time the economic impact of Data Center downtime will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate.
Finally in the current cost driven economy, IT infrastructure and operations professionals are faced with the increasing pressure to account for and reduce costs wherever possible. They have to provide more availability, more security and more services but with approximately the same budget.

Autor: Grégory Steulet
Verlag: iimt University Press
ISBN: 978-3-905814-42-2


  • Consulting, Project, Education
  • Integration, Security
  • SOC-Services
  • Certifications/Standards


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