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Security, Audit and Control Features, Oracle E-Business Suite, 3rd Edition

This updated edition of one of ISACA's most popular guides reflects the many changes that the business environment and Oracle ERP application have undergone since the second edition was published. In response to customer needs and an increased market awareness of governance, risk and compliance (GRC), Oracle Corporation has continued to boost its GRC offerings and released the updated and improved Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12.1 in 2009. Security, Audit and Control Features Oracle® E-Business Suite, 3rd Edition reflects these new developments to provide a current view regarding:

  • How business processes impact ERP implementation and operation
  • Application functionality
  • Strategic business risk
  • Technical system architecture
  • Security and control criteria/drivers for key functional areas, including

    • Financial account
    • Expenditures
    • Web-enabled security

  • IT resource requirements
  • IT management requirements
  • Professional services and support
  • IT integration with other enterprise systems
  • Organizational and audit department challenges with Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle E-Business audit programs
  • Using Oracle to assist with the regulatory requirements of financial reporting and other compliance issues
  • How Oracle's GRC offering integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite

This in-demand guide also provides an update on current industry standards and identifies future trends in Oracle EBS risk and control. It enables audit, assurance, risk and security professionals (IT and non-IT) to evaluate risks and controls in existing ERP implementations, and facilitate the design and implementation of better practice controls into system upgrades and enhancements. This book also aims to assist system architects, business analysts and business process owners who are implementing Oracle EBS, as well as people responsible for managing it in live production to maintain the appropriate level of control and security according to business needs and industry standards.

Complimentary download of the audit programs and ICQs is available to ISACA members. An excerpt of this document is available as a free download for all.

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