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Strategic Trends 2013

Key Developments in Global Affairs

In 2012, the authors of Strategic Trends concluded that the international system was best described as ‘polycentric’. In a polycentric world, global leadership is in short supply as new power centres emerge and drive political fragmentation. At the same time, the term ‘polycentric’ implies that no single pole controls all dimensions of power. Hence, structural interdependencies are an important component of the evolving international system. The transformation of the international system continues and gives rise to challenges at various interrelated levels. Strategic Trends 2013 reflects on changes in the geostrategic context and the nature of unfolding crises, as well as on the responses they have elicited.

Herausgeber: ETH Zurich
ISSN 1664-0667
ISBN 978-3-905696-40-0


  • Consulting, Project, Education
  • Integration, Security
  • SOC-Services
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