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Survival: Global Politics and Strategy

the darkness online

February - March 2016
In the February–March 2016 issue of Survival, Thomas Rid and Daniel Moore explore the 'darknet'; Ben Buchanan sketches the life cycles of cyber threats; Erik Jones considers the problem of Europe’s single market; Nadezhda Arbatova and Alexander Dynkin survey world order after Ukraine; Alexander Lukin considers Russia’s place in a post-bipolar world; Florence Gaub argues that ISIS is best thought of as a cult; Nick Childs measures British naval ambition; William Potter recaps the 2015 NPT Review Conference; Ben Fishman contributes a review essay on ISIS; Bruno Tertrais, Angela Stent and Lanxin Xiang review recent books; and Nigel Inkster argues for the West to come to terms with Chinese power.

Volume: 58
Date: 19. January 2016
Link: iiss.org


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