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360inControl® in the master program of the FHNW

Master Students at the FHNW, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland have performed a structured end-to-end review of 360inControl® focusing on the IT-Governance framework COBIT processes.

The student groups were given an exercise to assess COBIT processes in their companies (public limited company, banking, non-profit organization and start-up company).

The following COBIT processes and related sub-processes have been assessed:

  • DSS04 Business Continuit
  • DSS02 Manage Service Requests and Incidents
  • BAI05 Manage Organizational Change Enablement
  • APO02 Manage Strategy

The master students worked with relevant roles (CISO, PQM etc.) in the scoped companies and collected their own and the subject matter experts’ feedback. “The report could be created with all relevant information at the push of a button.”

The students especially liked the extensive control library offering a very good starting aid including the selection of metadata. The control library supported the assessors to select the right controls, preparing the assessment. Based on the control content the assessors had a good foundation for asking the right questions during the interview.

During execution, the team worked simultaneously on the assessment, collecting the responses during the interview. In particular, the preparation of reports was very well perceived by the student groups. The results were available at the push of a button and specific adjustments could still be made to the report.

The gathered feedback as well as the proposed improvements encourage us to go on with the strategy to provide a lean, easily digitize Governance Risk and Compliance Tool for practitioners.

We would like to thank all students and Prof. Dr. Petra Asprion for the fruitful collaboration.
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