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‘Behind the Science’: an exclusive visit at CERN of Geneva

Who are the people working behind the scene of a scientific discovery?

Who helps and inspires scientists on their journey towards knowledge?

When a breaking news comes up, we usually see a scientist or a researcher on the cover pages, but how many other people are working behind them to make this possible?

CERN has opened its doors of his headquarter in Geneva exclusively to Euronews, and helped us to discover some of the services that are essential for the functioning of the scientific machine when it comes to unlock the secrets of our universe.

In each episode of our mini serie « Behind the Science », we will discover, in a straight storytelling style, the contribution of those « hidden» people working for one of the most important centre of research for physics in the world.

We will guide you through their experiences by sharing their successes, challenges and passions.

In the first episode, we meet Stefan Lueders, CERN’s Computer Security Officer.

He has the challenging task to keep a huge number of computers, servers and systems secure from constant attack of hackers. That means supervising 100.000 hard-drives, 13.000 servers (located in Switzerland and Hungary) in addition to around 40.000 devices scientists and researchers use to bring at work.

That’s a daily fight against the dark side of internet, so it is not surprising that Stefan feels himself like a Jedi Knight.

Follow us behind the scenes of CERN, behind the Science…

Quelle: euronews.com

Experte Dr. Stefan Lüders auf Security-Finder Schweiz


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