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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kröger - Risk Center ETH Zürich

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kröger
Foto Wolfgang Kröger

ETH Zürich
Risk Center
Scheuchzerstrasse 7
8092 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 632 64 18
Fax: +41 44 632 10 94
E-Mail: kroeger(at)ethz.ch


  • 2011     Executive Director, ETH Risk Center (since mid 2011)
    External faculty member, Bridging Nations University, Washington, D.C., USA    
  • 2003     Full Professor and Director of Laboratory of Safety Analysis, D-MAVT (Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering), ETH Zurich (until retirement Jan 2011)
    Acting Director of Institute of Energy Research (2007-09)
    Founding Rector of IRGC (International Risk Governance Council), Geneva, (since June 2003)
  • 1990     Full Professor, ETH Zurich
    Head of Research Department on Nuclear Energy and Safety and Member of the Directorate, PSI (Paul Scherrer Institut), Villigen, (until May 2003)
  • 1987     Acting Director of the Institute for Nuclear Safety Research at National Research Centre Jülich (FZJ, former KFA)     
  • 1985     Deputy to the Director of the Institute for Nuclear Safety Research at National Research Centre Jülich (FZJ, former KFA)
  • 1974     Scientist at FZJ; project leader     


1986     Dr.-Ing. habil. (venia legendi), BUGH Wuppertal
1974     Dr.-Ing., Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen
1972     Diploma, Mechanical Engineering-Nuclear Technology, RWTH Aachen

Main Activities

  • Providing methods and data suitable to model, analyze/simulate and optimize complex engineered systems/critical infrastructures in the energy, transportation and ICT domain, and interdependencies among them, regarding reliability/availability, risk and vulnerability.
  • Developing a framework for comprehensive risk and vulnerability analysis and related management strategies as well as tools for decision making processes.
  • Putting the understanding and management of technological transborder risks into a broader context and promoting international activities such as the International Risk Governance Council following a trans-sectorial and multi-disciplinary approach. Supporting the establishment of the ETH Risk Center and its outreach activities including a research program on Future Resilient Systems in Singapore.
  • Giving advice to governmental and private organizations, in particular on energy assessment and policy issues and nuclear safety matters.
  • Most recent publications address vulnerability analysis of engineered critical infrastructures (book journals) as well as security of energy supply and the role of nuclear power (contributions to books).


  • Consulting, Project, Education
  • Integration, Security
  • SOC-Services
  • Certifications/Standards


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