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Runar Moen

Runar Moen
Foto Runar Moen

I have worked as a mechanics for several years before finishing a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at Bodø university college in 2006, and have since worked at IST first as a developer and the last years also as system architect and technical responsible for development of our learning platform. I have studied part-time for a masters degree in information security from Gjøvik University College for the last 4 years and graduated now in December.

My more informal introduction include that I want to learn some about everything and everything about something. The last years I have used my time after work for studying for a masters degree in information security as Gjøvik university college. I like to stay active I have a old race car that I plan to one day fix and do some racing with again, I am working on fixing up the old house I have, and I am also a hobby cyclist and try to include some competitions during the summers.


  • Consulting, Project, Education
  • Integration, Security
  • SOC-Services
  • Certifications/Standards


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