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Go Update Your Mac ASAP To Fix Some Serious Vulnerabilities

Apple Update Fixes Some Serious Security Flaws in macOS High Sierra

On Thursday, Apple released the first update to High Sierra, the new macOS operating system that debuted at the end of September. And it’s an important one. High Sierra 10.13 had two disappointing credential security bugs at launch, but Apple says that both have been patched in this update. One is a bug that could have let attackers use a third-party app to pilfer usernames and passwords from macOS’s Keychain tool that stores credentials. The other is a flaw that revealed plain text passwords in the password hint for encrypted Apple File Systems volumes. If you added disk encryption with a hint, the plain text of your password would show up in the hint field in the Disk Utility. No bueno. If you already created an encrypted volume before you installed the update, you’ll need to back it up, wipe the drive, reformat the File Systems volume, and then restore from the backup. Either way, use Apple’s “Software Update” tool to download the patch. Like...right now.
Quelle und gesamter Artikel: macrumors.com

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