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The Influence of Organizational, Social and Personal Factors on Cybersecurity Awareness

With the increased use of computers and network systems in a time of digitalization, the digital connectedness frames our daily life at work and at home. To ensure secure systems, all computer users should safely interact with these systems. Prior research indicates insufficient cybersecurity awareness of home computer users who are also difficult to reach as they are not necessarily part of organizational structures. This study therefore investigates organizational, social and personal determinants of an individual’s cybersecurity awareness and its influence on cybersecurity behavior in the home environment, using partial least squares structural equation modeling based on survey data. The results show a low influence of the workplace and weak social influences, while the study confirms a significant effect of personal initiative and a strong effect of information systems knowledge on an individual’s cybersecurity awareness. The results suggest that security strategies aimed at the general public should focus on improving the knowledge and understanding instead of making fear. The study provides valuable insights about cybersecurity awareness and its determinants contributing to the field of research. The findings can be used for reviewing cybersecurity strategies.
Source and complete article: researchgate.net


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